Here are the mandatory fees* from the Krav Maga Federation in Israel. Your certificates will come from Israel.

Yellow :$45
Orange :$60
Green: $80
Blue: $100
Brown : $120
Black Belt  dan 1st: $500

Please note there are separate fees to be paid for belt testing. This testing can be time consuming as you move up in rank, as each time you advance, you need to still show proficiency in the other lower levels. So, for example, to test for black belt, you would still need to test for yellow through brown again. You only pay the fee one time for each belt level, however. In addition, the Federation has recently instituted a system for tracking your training to ensure the new program is being followed. You will be required to purchase a “passport”, which is a booklet used to document your training. You also need an “annual stamp”, which is essentially an annual due. Cost for both  goes directly to Israel. None of this goes to me. If you need to pay via PayPal or credit, add an additional $5.00.

An additional fee of $5.00 is also necessary to pay electronic fee transfer.*Fees from Israel subject to change.
You also need to pay a fee to the instructor, as it is his/her time being used to test:
Krav Maga Maine Belt testing fees.
yellow   :25 $
orange  :25$
green    :45 $
blue      :60$
brown   :85$
black belt dan 1st:100$

IMPORTANT: In order to train under the Krav Maga Federation, Ashdod, Israel, you will need a “passport”, which is essentially an informational booklet and a way to track training, and an annual stamp/membership card. You do not need it in order to start classes, but will need it within 30 days. These are the rules of the Federation. Both items can be ordered HERE