Krav Maga Maine, under the training of the Krav Maga Security Federation offers excellent law enforcement/protective services training. It is important to understand that for law enforcement and security, our goal is to be able to restrain and control a suspect, without causing them injury. That is our primary goal, so our training would focus on doing minimal damage and gaining control. However, since any officer knows that within a split second, it can all go to Hell, and you’re in a fight for survival, we also teach you the tools needed to fend off a violent assault and respond with various strikes, locks, throws, etc. If your Taser misses and you get charged, can you survive it without using deadly force? Watch Taser fail

An example of the training is:

* One day basic control/arrest seminar. This teaches basic stance, balance, and use of arm bars/wrist locks, pressure points and take downs for handcuffing.
Price: $75. Minimum number of students: 3

* One day Krav Maga Law Enforcement/security baton training. You will learn to use the straight baton for defense, striking and control.
Price: $75. Minimum number of students: 3

* Three day full law enforcement training: This is three days of intense training, including defense against punches, kicks, knees, weapons, chokes and grabs, as well as turning these attacks around into a police control for handcuffing. You will learn to defend yourself against multiple attackers, ground defense if you end up on the ground, use of neurological strikes and pressure points that really work, and you will learn proper striking techniques for the times you have to use it to defend yourself.
Price: $150/officer. Minimum number of students: 3

* Five day Law Enforcement Instructor: Become a certified instructor in the full Krav Maga law enforcement/security program.
Contact me for full details on this training. Please note this is physically demanding training.
Price: $450 Re-certification testing/training every two years $125 (one day).

Payment plans are available for the 3 and 5 day training.


“The training was very realistic. We used our own duty belts and gear for drills and scenarios. I learned a lot over the week, everything from striking to control holds with a baton to weapon disarms. The atmosphere was great as well. We spent a lot of time joking around and laughing. It was very relaxed yet productive. I feel like my skill level and knowledge improved exponentially. I would recommend it to any officer who is serious about MARC training even if they already have martial arts experience. Krav is a unique style that everyone could benefit from”.  – Austin C. Scarborough Police, Maine


Law Enforcement/Security and Military training